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  1. Ikonikawill release the new EP, Hollow, on Hyperdubthis August. The London producer's second release for the year sees her return to Hyperdub, her long-term home label, for the first time since the 's Distractions.
  2. Ikonika ‘Position EP’ HDB out 25th August Tracklist: Position Praxis Strawberry Underlay Wakeup Sequence Mega Church (Perc Remix) You Won’t Find It Here (VIP) You Won’t Find It Here (VIP) (Alex Deamonds Edit).
  3. Mar 25,  · Producer and DJ Ikonika is releasing a new EP, titled Bodies, via Don’t Be Afraid this April The EP works through themes of self-acceptance as Ikonika questions, “what do you do when the body has been through trauma?” Its 4-tracks move bass, grime, and .
  4. Ikonika and four others from Hyperdub – Cooly G, Scratcha DVA, Laurel Halo and label founder Kode9 – will be performing at Poland’s Tauron Nowa Muzyka. The festival runs from August 21 to 24 – for tickets and more information, head here.
  5. EDITS EP by IKONIKA. This item has now sold out but take a look at what else we have in by Ikonika or similar artists. Edits EP by Ikonika. Available on from Norman Records UK. Norman Records. Nope, instead we are basically a kind of brutalist Argos for vinyl records. So, instead of trudging all the way to sunny Holbeck in anticipation of.
  6. Jul 09,  · Ikonika will release a new seven-track EP, Position, on Hyperdub this month. Described as Ikonika in “straight-up banger mode”, it combines four new Ikonika tracks with three remixes: a Perc.

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